Most Asked Questions from Parents Considering Adoption for Their Child

Adoption is a loving and thoughtful choice where biological parents choose a qualified, loving, stable, and permanent adoptive family for their child. Through the adoption process, a person or couple legally become the parents of a child who is biologically related to someone else.

Parents usually choose adoption because they care about their child and his or her well-being. They recognize that adoptive parents may be in a better position to raise the child. Often they are looking for a loving, stable, permanent home for their child.

Parents have a fundamental right to parent their children. A parent should not be forced to place a child for adoption. At, we specialize in pregnancy options counseling. Reach out to one of our professionals for one-on-one options support today!

Parents have a fundamental right to parent their children. A parent should never be forced to place a child for adoption. At Adoption Life, we will never pressure you to place a child for adoption if you do not feel it is the right decision for you.  Sometimes it takes time to sort out how you feel about this huge decision, and Adoption Life professionals will be here to help support you regardless of your decision.

Options Counseling is available to you for free as a way to help explore what options are available to you in your individual circumstances.  Each individual who considers making an adoption plan is experiencing a unique set of circumstances that has led them there.  Licensed professionals are available to talk through what your options are, help you sort through how you feel about those options and point you toward resources that may be helpful.  There is no cost or obligation associated with options counseling.

People may think all sorts of things. Most people, however, recognize that through adoption, a parent makes a choice to do what is best for their child. Sometimes, this involves putting the interests of the child ahead of their own interests. Most people recognize that adoption is a choice based on love for the child.

Adoption is a loving and selfless choice for your unborn child. But the decision to place a child for adoption can be a very difficult one. You may experience pressure from family or friends to either place, or not place. Other people that are important to you may not understand your reasoning for making the decision you are making. It is important to talk through your feelings, thoughts, and questions with somebody you trust. This may be a therapist, a trusted family member or friend, a clergy member, or an adoption professional. Adoption Life is happy to answer any questions, discuss any options and resources for both placing a child and/or parenting a child, free from pressure. If needed, we can refer you to potential outside resources to help you in your decision or help you in accessing appropriate resources.

It does not cost a birth parent any money to make an adoption plan or to place a child for adoption.  Case management services are provided to a birth parent at no cost.  Additionally, Adoption Life can help you in accessing resources that may help with financial needs during your pregnancy and after.

Adoption Life will help you with options counseling, making a personalized adoption plan, connecting with the right family, financial planning, connecting to helpful community resources and support, connecting with other birth parents, and staying connected with important resources following placement.  In short, we’ll put together a personalized plan of support that meets your unique needs and your unique situation.

Yes, birth parents generally choose a family they would like to place their child with. Adoption Life works with families who have been screened through the home study process and meet the requirements to serve as an adoptive family. It is important that birth parents feel comfortable with the adoptive family they choose. Birth parents can choose to maintain ongoing contact with the family (with adoptive parent consent) or can choose to limit contact. Adoption Life can assist an expectant parent in identifying qualities that are important to them, and assist them in selecting an adoptive family they feel comfortable with.

In an open adoption, the birth parents communicate with the adoptive parents regarding the child and his or her development. This can happen to varying degrees and is unique to each adoption situation.  In many open adoptions, the biological parents continue to have contact with the child and his or her adoptive family after the adoption happens.  There are many benefits to open adoptions for all parties involved.  Adoption Life can help you determine what level of openness feels right to you.

It does not cost a birth parent any money to make an adoption plan or to place a child for adoption.  Case management services are provided to a birth parent at no cost.  Additionally, Adoption Life can help you in accessing resources that may help with financial needs during your pregnancy and after.

When making an adoption plan, expectant parents will work with Adoption Life to outline specific financial needs, potential financial resources, and develop a plan for meeting those needs.  This may include financial resources assistance during the pregnancy.  Generally, adoptive families do not provide any financial assistance directly to expectant parents, rather the assistance is managed by Adoption Life in accordance with licensing requirements.

You will continue to make important decisions about your pregnancy and delivery, which includes deciding who you want with you during delivery.  

Relinquishment is the legal process involving paperwork by which a parent gives up their legal rights to a child, consents to the adoption of the child by another individual or couple, and places the child with the adoptive parents. It’s important that the parent do so voluntarily and is not forced or compelled to place for adoption. Adoption Life takes care to assure that a relinquishment is done ethically and in accordance with state laws.

There are various stages and a significant amount of paperwork associated with placing a baby for adoption.  We’ll work with you to complete the paperwork as it is needed.  You will not sign any paperwork related to relinquishment until after your child is born, and you are recovered from the delivery.  Most states have a mandatory time frame from 24-72 hours after the birth of a child before parents can sign relinquishment paperwork.  We’ll work with you to sign the required paperwork at a time and place that you are comfortable with, and with the supportive people you want to have around you. 

In many adoptions, birth parents communicate with adoptive parents and see the child regularly. Birth parents wanting ongoing contact should pursue an open adoption. Adoption Life staff will help you explore this option and develop an openness plan that both parties are comfortable with.

A child’s father has the opportunity to assert and establish parental rights. Ideally, for a mother considering adoption, the father participates in the process and both mother and father agree on an option for the child. However, not all situations are ideal. Adoption Life has the expertise to address all situations and to assist parents through the process of determining what their options are and how they want to proceed.

In most states, once a birth parent has signed relinquishment documents, there is no grace period to change their mind.  The decision to sign relinquishment is considered final.  The child is generally placed with the adoptive family as soon as relinquishment documentation is signed.  Adoptive families are then able to legally finalize their adoption of the child after 6 months.

When you place a child for adoption, you relinquish legal rights to your child in the future.  However, birth parents are assured certain rights and responsibilities that will be discussed with you at multiple stages of the placement process.  You will be provided with a written copy of these rights and responsibilities.

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