Financial Planning & Help Services

Adoption Life will support you in having a safe and healthy pregnancy. You may need some financial support to help you achieve those goals. This may include provisions for things like maternity clothes, a safe place to live, medical care, and healthy food. These funds are typically paid to the agency by the adopting family you have selected. Following legal guidelines, the agency makes sure these funds are used appropriately to help you stay safe and healthy.

At Adoption Life you can sit down with your adoption professional and assess together what your needs are. From there we will help you create a financial needs plan for a safe and healthy pregnancy and recovery. We know these conversations can be difficult. These funds are meant to help you and your child. Accepting this support will never be used to coerce you into making an adoption plan for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

It does not cost a birth parent any money to make an adoption plan or to place a child for adoption. Case management services are provided to a birth parent at no cost. Additionally, Adoption Life can help you in accessing resources that may help with financial needs during your pregnancy and after.

When making an adoption plan, expectant parents will work with Adoption Life to outline specific financial needs, potential financial resources, and develop a plan for meeting those needs. This may include financial resources assistance during the pregnancy. Generally, adoptive families do not provide any financial assistance directly to expectant parents, rather the assistance is managed by Adoption Life in accordance with licensing requirements.

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