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As you consider adoption, you likely have many questions.  It can be intimidating to make that first call, but we are here for you.  There are many factors that will be important to explore when making a decision about parenting or adoption.  We are here to support you in whatever decision feels right in your situation, without any pressure.  It is an important decision, one that will be best made with accurate information and compassionate support. 

Adoption is a loving and thoughtful choice where biological parents choose a qualified, loving, stable, and permanent adoptive family for their child. Through the adoption process, a person or couple legally become the parents of a child who is biologically related to someone else.

Parents usually choose adoption because they care about their child and his or her well-being. They recognize that adoptive parents may be in a better position to raise the child. Often they are looking for a loving, stable, permanent home for their child.

Parents have a fundamental right to parent their children. A parent should never be forced to place a child for adoption. At Adoption Life, we will never pressure you to place a child for adoption if you do not feel it is the right decision for you.  Sometimes it takes time to sort out how you feel about this huge decision, and Adoption Life professionals will be here to help support you regardless of your decision. 


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Options Counseling

You have choices. We’ll support you in exploring all the options available to you and how you feel about them so you can come to the decision that feels right for you.

Making the Adoption Decision

Adoption is a beautiful choice for many. If you feel it is the right choice for you, we’ll help you move forward with making an adoption plan that is unique to your situation and needs.

Choosing an Adoption Family

What is important to you in a family? We work with many qualified and amazing families, and we’ll support you in choosing a family that feels like the right fit for your child.

Planning, Counseling, Support, Preparing

We’ll be with you all along the way to help you prepare for your adoption placement.

Hospital & Delivery

We’ll help you make a plan for your delivery that empowers you to have the birthing experience you want. We will also work with the hospital to coordinate services for the adoption.


Placement will happen at the time and place you are comfortable with. We will be there with you and will coordinate with the adoptive family for a comfortable and supportive experience.

Post Placement Grief Support & Counseling

Our services do not end at placement. We consider everyone who works with us as family, and will be here for you in the immediate aftermath of placement, as well as years down the road.

Adoption Plan

Making an Adoption Plan

What to Expect When You're Considering Adoption


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