Counseling and Support Services

This is your baby and your decision. You may be facing a lot of pressure from various sources about what decision others think you should make. We will support you in sorting through all the opinions and your own feelings, to come to a decision that feels right for you. We love adoption, but know it isn’t the right decision for everybody. We won’t pressure you to make any decision that doesn’t feel right for you. We can help you talk with loved ones and other important people in your life who may need help understanding your decision. Adoption Life has licensed professionals ready to help with all the complicated emotions and circumstances that go into making this decision and seeing it through. We are here for you now and through the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption is a loving and thoughtful choice where biological parents choose a qualified, loving, stable, and permanent adoptive family for their child. Through the adoption process, a person or couple legally become the parents of a child who is biologically related to someone else.

Options Counseling is available to you for free as a way to help explore what options are available to you in your individual circumstances. Each individual who considers making an adoption plan is experiencing a unique set of circumstances that has led them there. Licensed professionals are available to talk through what your options are, help you sort through how you feel about those options and point you toward resources that may be helpful. There is no cost or obligation associated with options counseling.

People may think all sorts of things. Most people, however, recognize that through adoption, a parent makes a choice to do what is best for their child. Sometimes, this involves putting the interests of the child ahead of their own interests. Most people recognize that adoption is a choice based on love for the child.

Adoption is a loving and selfless choice for your unborn child. But the decision to place a child for adoption can be a very difficult one. You may experience pressure from family or friends to either place, or not place. Other people that are important to you may not understand your reasoning for making the decision you are making. It is important to talk through your feelings, thoughts, and questions with somebody you trust. This may be a therapist, a trusted family member or friend, a clergy member, or an adoption professional. Adoption Life is happy to answer any questions, discuss any options and resources for both placing a child and/or parenting a child, free from pressure. If needed, we can refer you to potential outside resources to help you in your decision or help you in accessing appropriate resources.