Medical Resource Help & Planning Services

Adoption Life wants all parents to experience healthy and safe pregnancies and deliveries.  We will provide assistance to expectant mothers to seek out appropriate medical care and resources.  You will continue to make important medical decisions, and we’ll support you in seeing those through.  This includes making a hospital and delivery plan that you are comfortable with.  You get to make important decisions about where you deliver, who provides your medical care, and who is present at delivery.  Adoption Life will support you in making a clear plan and implementing that plan when it comes time for baby to arrive.  This can be a stressful time and we will be there to help you through in whatever way you need us.  Adoption Life will communicate and coordinate with the hospital regarding your adoption plan, and ensure we have the right support in place for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will continue to make important decisions about your pregnancy and delivery, which includes deciding who you want with you during delivery.  

Relinquishment is the legal process involving paperwork by which a parent gives up their legal rights to a child, consents to the adoption of the child by another individual or couple, and places the child with the adoptive parents. It’s important that the parent do so voluntarily and is not forced or compelled to place for adoption. Adoption Life takes care to assure that a relinquishment is done ethically and in accordance with state laws.

There are various stages and a significant amount of paperwork associated with placing a baby for adoption.  We’ll work with you to complete the paperwork as it is needed.  You will not sign any paperwork related to relinquishment until after your child is born, and you are recovered from the delivery.  Most states have a mandatory time frame from 24-72 hours after the birth of a child before parents can sign relinquishment paperwork.  We’ll work with you to sign the required paperwork at a time and place that you are comfortable with, and with the supportive people you want to have around you.