Post Adoption Support Services

Adoption Life understands that your adoption journey doesn’t end with placement.  Choosing adoption for your child will be difficult, even if you feel it is right for your situation.  We are here to support you as you navigate the challenges of post-placement, even if that is 10 years down the road.  Our adoption professionals are available to all parents who have placed with us.  We have licensed mental health professionals available to provide therapeutic support, and are also happy to provide referrals to important resources that birth parents may need after placement.  Our hope is to support you in moving forward in positive and healthy ways as you build the life you want for your future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In many adoptions, birth parents communicate with adoptive parents and see the child regularly. Birth parents wanting ongoing contact should pursue an open adoption. Adoption Life staff will help you explore this option and develop an openness plan that both parties are comfortable with.

A child’s father has the opportunity to assert and establish parental rights. Ideally, for a mother considering adoption, the father participates in the process and both mother and father agree on an option for the child. However, not all situations are ideal. Adoption Life has the expertise to address all situations and to assist parents through the process of determining what their options are and how they want to proceed.

In most states, once a birth parent has signed relinquishment documents, there is no grace period to change their mind.  The decision to sign relinquishment is considered final.  The child is generally placed with the adoptive family as soon as relinquishment documentation is signed.  Adoptive families are then able to legally finalize their adoption of the child after 6 months.

When you place a child for adoption, you relinquish legal rights to your child in the future.  However, birth parents are assured certain rights and responsibilities that will be discussed with you at multiple stages of the placement process.  You will be provided with a written copy of these rights and responsibilities.